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We make Human Centric AI Solutions and provide our clients with carefully evaluated solutions with near zero flaws.
Here our some of our featured works:

Technologies / Platforms

Our Services

Edge AI -Dataset Curation

Edge AI -Data Visualisation

Edge AI -Cloud Based AI Solution

Invited Talks

  • Statistical Learning in Machine Learning, National Level Conference,
    Vishwaniketan, 8th May 2019. Vimeet Campus, Khalapur.
  • Bayesian Inference & Probabilistic Programming Languages in Machine
    Learning, 22nd Dec 2020, online
  • TensorFlow Users Group Pune, Meetup 16th May 2021 TITLE: A visual exploration of Basic Math behind Multivariate Gaussian.
  • BRIEF: Pattern recognition, till date, lies at the heart of almost all Machine Learning endeavors with varied applications coupled in Signal processing,
    Information retrieval, computer graphics etc. Feature Engineering in ML and parameter estimation (weights and biases) in DL still remain the central
    tasks. Multivariate Gaussians distribution is a powerful tool which can be
    utilized effectively in non-parametric model building and analysis. This talk
    intends to throw light on the basic building blocks of the same.
  • PRE-Requisites: Basic statistics, Understanding of Vectors and Matrix

Our Partners

  • Python and ML sessions to EXTC and ELEC-
  • Iot based project on Solar PV industry 4 innovation
  • 20 + Interns
  • Departments in Collaboration :EXTC, CS and Mechanical
  • Funded Research PRoject Proposal – gist of the proposal here
  • Hardware Collaboration
  • Design Thinking For Artificial Intelligence Projects